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Having grown up in business-owning families, we, the founders, learned the value of working for oneself and serving people with consistent values at a young age. Though we shared this childhood experience, we would not realize it until we met in at Ohio University, where we worked together to defend the rights of our fellow bobcats. We quickly realized that, in all systems of justice, there is a serious of compassionate and personal service. So of course we dreamed of doing it better.


We carried that drive for many years, until we formed Bower Stevenson in 2016. From the outset, we wanted to ensure we were able to serve everyone.


No business was too small, nor too large: we have helped clients start virtual consulting businesses, we have helped local restaurant owners scale up their operations, and we have helped large manufacturing and service corporations formalize their processes. We are passionate about helping businesses organize, plan, and adapt. Our clients rely on us to provide practical, real-world solutions to their company’s legal needs.


We have also represented a number of individuals solve personal matters.  We  use our passion and advocacy to obtain compensation for a variety of issues, from discrimination in the employment context to real estate transactions gone awry.


This background separates us from other firms; we focus on solving our clients problem instead of padding our bottom line. As a result of our combined experiences, we understand that each legal problem requires an individualized approach and never take our clients’ concerns lightly. No matter what kind of business you operate, or what kind of personal problems you need assistance with, Bower Stevenson will find a way to serve you.

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